About me

Hello! I am a photographer based in Berkshire/London and specialise in portraiture and product photography. 

All of my work is shot outdoors rather than in a restrictive studio setting. Not only is this perfect for more detailed images but covid safe.

Whether you're looking for photographs for a new campaign or a family session, I can help you!

Why do I shoot medium format?

I fell in love with medium format cameras at my time at university, specifically the camera I now am lucky enough to own and shoot professionally! It is such rewarding way of working, with the end results being of stunning quality. It has changed the way I take photos, allowing me to interact more with clients and spend more time working on each individual photograph. 

I find that shooting photos on a digital camera constrains my ability to compose an image creatively and technically. It may take me around five minuets to shoot one photo and even thought that in this time a digital photographer may have taken many more, I know that this one shot is to the highest standard that it can be. After spending four years learning how to work with my camera, I have a solid and creative work flow which achieves amazing results. I will spend as long as it takes looking though the viewfinder, waiting for the perfect light and composition to get that one perfect shot. 

Shooting with me

Getting in touch

Drop me an email if you have any initial questions and to book a shoot. Depending on your requirements we can have a chat about what photographs we will shoot on the day and anything you need! I will get back to you with a shoot plan so you know what to expect. 



A shoot typically lasts 1-2 hours. 



Once the film is back from the lab I scan and edit it myself to ensure high quality and beautifully edited images. You should recieve your images from me in around a week. 

Photo guarantee

Although shooting medium format produces stunning photographs, as with all analogue cameras there can be some technical mistakes along the way. In addition, this way of working does produce a smaller amount of photographs. For your peace of mind, I guarantee that you will receive a set amount of images from each roll or a partial refund will be given! This takes the worry off of you so you know how many photos you will be getting after a shoot. It also takes any pressure off of me if there are any issues with development, light leaks etc. 

Why not get in touch?

If you have any questions then please don't hesitate to email me! Whether you're just looking to have a chat or book a shoot with me.