Emily Manning is a graduate from University for the Creative Arts, her practice involves both constructed photography in her artistic work, and portraiture in her professional practice. She is also the founder of Em Prints, an alternative photographic process printing company which sells bespoke artwork such as cyanotypes, lumen prints and chemigrams.


Manning oftern uses Polaroid photography in her art practice, using her personal experiences to guide this part of her work. Not only does she use photographs as a way of empowerment towards her audiences (as in “Out of Many, One People”), but to help communicate her own emotions to others close to her, allowing insites into her mind. Manning has explored topics such as love, emotion, identity and race; displaying her photographs through primarily zines to create an intimate, private experience for the viewer. 


Medium format photography is Manning's preferred way of shooting when approaching professional work. This allows her to give deeper consideration into the compositions of her images and allow better communication between herself and models. Her way of shooting follows a documentary approach to portraiture and fashion, exploring subjects and products within the natural environment.


UCA Graduate Show Case

University for the Creative Arts, Online


Pop Up Memories

The Vineyard, Farnham, 12th November 2018


BA (hons) Photography - First

University for the Creative Arts


PDF available to download



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